Yikatoo Factory-Ultra-high power laser cutting platform

Yikatoo has professional laboratories and advanced production equipment, and is constantly developing and producing new products. Here is one of Yikatoo's advanced production equipment :Yikatoo ultra-high power laser cutting platform. 

The equipment adopts independent light source, and with the support of HG-Tech expert process database, the maximum linkage speed of the equipment shaft of the platform can reach 198m/min, and the accuracy can reach 0.05mm under the condition of high-speed movement. This allows us to achieve amazing precision and therefore greatly improves the quality of yikatoo's products. 

Yikaoo engineers are impressed by the device, because such high precision gives them more design space, allowing them to display their talents.

Farley-a2300 intelligent bus control system

The breakthrough will be the motion control, laser control, cutting head control of the full interconnection, equipped with simple and clear control interface and stable transmission signal, to achieve barrier-free information sharing, can effectively reduce the failure rate, maximize the processing performance of equipment, to achieve efficient and stable, high production and low consumption processing requirements.


Processing area (mm)x6080
Max. positioning llinkage speed (m/min)140
Positioning accuracy Pa*(mm)0.05
Repeated positioning accuracy Ps*(mm)0.025
Laser power3000-12000W
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