Logo Interpretation

In general, the logo of Yikatoo is a car running at full speed, giving people a magnificent image of fast and strong power. Speed represents high efficiency, while power represents high quality. The image reflects that Yikatoo is a dynamic and fast-developing automotive aftermarket parts provider. In detail, above the Yikatoo is a bumper, one of Yikatoo's main products. The bumper is a common auto part, hard, strong, stable, bearing the responsibility to protect the safety of the driver, trusted by the owners. It just perfectly fits the brand connotation of Yikatoo: product quality must be as solid, sturdy, and durable as steel, showing its extremely responsible attitude towards customers.
Corporate Vision:
Produce top quality auto parts and Become a world famous brand.
Corporate Mission:
Provide excellent auto parts service, Solve the user's practical problems, Create more off-road fun.
Corporate Core Values:
Safety first,Customer satisfaction,Technology innovation,Pursue quality.
Business Concept:
Customer Trust And Satisfaction is Our Greatest Wealth.

Production equipment

Yikatoo has advanced production equipment, such as 18 Robot 3d welding workstations, 5 Laser cutting plate machines, a 3d laser cutting machine, an automatic laser pipe cutting machine, and 4 CNC Bending Machines, and so on. Besides, Yikatoo has professional laboratories and advanced testing equipment, which are fully capable of completing the development and testing of new products. Yikatoo has established partnerships with many brand material suppliers to ensure the high quality of raw materials from the root.

Talent Team

Yikatoo has an experienced design and manufacturing team, which is responsible for product development, design, manufacturing, testing, and analysis. Each department has a clear division of labor and close cooperation, which greatly improves efficiency. In addition, Yikatoo has formed its own expert technical team, which is responsible for solving the difficult problems in product design and production.


Yikatoo has more than 20 distribution centers throughout the United States, including three self-built warehouses in Chicago, Oakland, and Mobile, which aims to provide fast delivery service for customers.


Yikatoo has a perfect after-sales service system, which aims to make customers enjoy quick-responsed after-sales service to solve problems. At present, Yikatoo has opened many after-sales communication channels such as telephone, email and social media to contact with customers. To ensure timely reply to customers, there are more than 10 experienced technicians handling after-sales problems every working day.
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