Yikatoo Reward Program

Do you want a full refund? All you have to do is snap photos or videos of your Yikatoo products and post them to various social networks.It's so easy! Yikatoo has created "Yikatoo fans reward program" to reward all customers.You can also participate in Yikatoo affiliate marketing program to make more money! Click here to sign up.


  • Make a 15-second or longer video and post them to YouTube or Tiktok.
  • Email the author's name and video link to service@Yikatoo.com with the title "Yikatoo fans reward program".
  • You can invite friends to repost your video, and the number of views of the reposted video will be counted into your total number of views.
  • After the number of video views reaches a certain standard, send an email to service@Yikatoo.com to get the reward. If you have invited a friend to forward your video, please add the link of the forwarded video in the email so that Yikatoo can verify it and reduce the time for the distribution of reward.

YouTube & TikTok

Video ViewsReward
Post a video10% of the actual payment
5K-10K20% of the actual payment
10K-50K50% of the actual payment
>50K or install videoFull refund

Facebook & Instagram & Twitter & Pinterest

 post multimedia posts featuring Yikatoo autoparts on any three social platforms.5% of the actual payment


  • YouTube: the video titles should contain "Yikatoo".
  • All posts should be accompanied by the hashtag #Yikatoo.
  • This program is only available for Yikatoo fans that are owning at least 1 Yikatoo product.
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